how can technology create trust and transparency?

In The Netherlands about 7,9 in every 1000 babies die around their birth*, which is a high score for a European country. In our perinatal healthcare system, we can - and need to - improve upon cooperation, communication and documentation between primary and secondary care. Different perspectives of the healthcare professionals in these fields result in the fact that decisions regarding a patient can be difficult to make.

Our tool, developed in collaboration with Philips and Maxima Medisch Centrum, tries to bridge the subjective gap between healthcare professionals by facilitating a shared space for discussion within the current infrastructure. AVA is an exploration of how experiences are technologically mediated and socially shaped from both 'inside' the interaction and from the outside world.

The tokens provide tangible discussion points, which can be placed and moved around the symbolic patient by each healthcare professional. This is linked to a (shared) digital system that contains patient files, a dashboard for joint patient discussions and care paths.

*In 2018, according to Perined. Perinatale zorg in Nederland anno 2018: landelijke perinatale cijfers en duiding. Utrecht: Perined; 2019.

  • in collaboration withBritt Smulders
    Tessa Aarts
  • client Philips Experience Design
    Maxima Medisch Centrum
  • September 2019 - January 2020
  • This project was exhibited during DDW2020 as part of the Drivers of Change exhibition (October 17-25 2020)