how can we design for social innovation?
Expedition BOF

This interactive, digital walkthrough communicates the structure and value flow of Brabant Outcomes Fund (BOF). It provides matter for discussion and aims at attracting (financial) support. Next to this, it is the outcome of an exploration on how we can use design thinking and transformative practices in an applied case similar to the BOF’s.

The project took place within the framework of Transformative Practices (Hummels et al. 2019). This framework aims at helping multi-stakeholder teams to research, design and innovate in order to tackle societal challenges, which are inherently wicked and systemic. TP operates within the paradigm of the Transformation Economy (Rocchi et al. 2018), where societal challenges are addressed locally, though taking into account their systemic complexity, through multistakeholder collaborations.

Hummels, C., Trotto, A., Peeters, J., Lévy, P., Alves Lino, J. and Klooster, S. (2019). Design Research and Innovation Framework for Transformative Practices. In: Strategy for Change Handbook. Glasgow: Glasgow Caledonian University, pp. 52-76
Rocchi, S., Sarroukh, B.E., Subbaraman, K., de Clerck, L. and Brand, R. (2018). Turning Societal Challenges into Business through Value Sharing. The European Business Review
  • in collaboration with Demi Jansen
  • client Brabant Outcomes Fund
    Provincie Noord-Brabant
  • February - May 2020