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Common Closet

My Final Bachelor Project looked into the relation between the data-enabled connected world and sustainable apparel consumption behavior. In a world where there is increasingly more than solely the physical, and more objects gain a virtual identity, connecting clothes seems a natural next step.

I designed a service-system, common closet, to increase garment-lifecycle-value with the use of trending NFC technology in fashion.

Common Closet is a fashion platform for peer-to-peer urban sharing

My interest in the concept of storing data on clothes in combination with my desire to design for benefitting “the planet and its guests” led to my final bachelor project.

I believe that one of the solutions for making the fashion system more sustainable, is consuming consciously. This does not have to mean to consume frugally, nor to having to stop browsing or desiring novel clothes. I want to increase value of existing garments and encourage re-use. In short, my design contributes to a more sustainable fashion system by giving clothes a memory.

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